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MGL participates in 2007 International Forum of lithium-ion power battery technology and industrialization
2008-06-26 08:51:56
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From July 28th , 2007 to August 1st, 2007, International Forum of lithium-ion power battery technology and industrialization of 2007 was held on the prairie of Hulunbel, Inner Mongolia. CITIC Guoan MGL, as one of the most important enterprises of China lithium-ion industry, attended the forum.
The participants of this year’s forum include the heads of famous related emprise home and abroad, government officials and scholars from research institute. On the forum, Dr.Qi Lu, the general manager of MGL and the chairman of scholarship committee of the forum, made a report of The latest improvement of spinelle LiMn2O4 cathode materials of lithium-ion power batteries that are used on electric vehicles. Ms Wu Ningning, the chief researcher of MGL academe, made a report of The analysis of the development and the function of LiMn2O4 lithium-ion power batteries used on PHEV
Moreover, MGL showed the up-to-date techniques and products of lithium-ion batteries on the forum for the participants from all over the world, including products of power batteries and electric automobiles. Some of the products would be provided for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. MGL products became focus of attention of the forum for its idea of Green Olympics.
The point problems of this year’s forum included the new type lithium-ion power batteries, the technique of the application of power batteries, the power storage system of electric vehicles as well as related systems of driving and controlling. Meanwhile the discussion also involved the problems of the application of lithium-ion power batteries during the Olympic Games and the development of lithium-ion power battery industry all over the world. Therefore, the forum gain exclusive attention and was widely reported by the press.

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