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Dr. Qi Lu obtains the special government allowance from the State Council of China. The leaders of CITIC Group visit MGL and attend the award ceremony.
2008-10-21 17:05:34
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In the morning of August 14th, an award ceremony was held in MGL for Dr Qi Lu 's obtaining of the special government allowance from the State Concil of China. The ceremony was hosted by Ms Xia Guilan, the vice-chairwoman and the chief clerk of Party Commitee in CITIC Guoan Group. Mr Sun Yalei, the General Manager Assistant of CITIC Group, the vice-chairman and the General Manager of Guoan Group, was also present at the ceremony. There were many other attendants, including the leaders from Human Resource and Education Department of CITIC Group and the leaders from Human Resource Department of Guoan Group as well as the delegates of MGL's staff.

On the ceremony, Mr Sun Yalei introduced Dr Qi Lu and his achievements. And then, Mr Guo Ketong, the director of Human Resource and Education Department of CITIC Group, read out the notification about the approval of the special government allowance. Mr Wen Puping presented the special government allowance and the certificate to Dr Qi Lu and then gave a speech. Wen Puping congratulated Dr Qi Lu on his honor and recognized his outstanding contributions.

Dr Qi Lu made statement of winning award, he expressed gratitude to CITIC Group and Guoan Group. Meanwhile, he was grateful to the entire staff of MGL, he said that the achievement and the honor are the result of hard working of everyone. Xu Hua of MGL gave a speech representing MGL staff.

After the ceremony, the leader from CITIC Group and Guoan Group saw the laboratories, the production-line of lithium-ion cathode material,the production-line of power batteries and assembly line of batteries of the buses for Olympic Games.The visitors drove the electrical cars that are developed by MGL.

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