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Confirmation of the Sample
2008-10-30 14:27:47
July 30th ,2008, CITIC GUOAN MGL, the government of Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, Lifan Group of Chong Qing as well as Michelin in France met at Michelin Research Centre in Switzerland for the confirmation of electric vehicle sample.
On the open air ground in Michelin Research Centre, the delegates tried the sample, and tested function of speedup, brake, stabilization and swerve. According to the feeling of trying, everybody thought that the vehicle was provided with good stability and speedup. Then, the delegates tested the vehicle on the road of Fribourg, the result well satisfied them.
The delegates talked about the matters about carrying forward the electric vehicle project, make sure the subsequent common plans, and arranged specific works of each party. In the end, the parties signed the introduction of agreement about check and accept test of sample.

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