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Enterprise Introduction
CITIC GUOAN Mengguli(MGL),which located in Beijing Zhongguancun sciences park, was primarily invested by CITIC GUOAN Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Zhongxin Group (CITIC). MGL was founded in April 2000, mainly engaged in the research, development and production of new composite metal oxide materials and high energy density lithium-ion secondary batteries. Through more than ten years ’rapid development, MGL has now been an all-round large-scale hi-tech enterprise with its business extending to fields of research, development and production, while has been the largest and the most advanced enterprise in the fields of new material and new energy technology. MGL holds a ground of nearly 60 thousand square meters in Zhongguancun Science Park, with mill buildings of almost 30 thousand square meters and laboratories of 10 thousand square meters built on it. MGL also has a suite of advanced analytical instruments and laboratory equipments. With capacity of producing more than 2500 tons of lithium-ion battery cathode materials, MGL produces 2000 tons of LiCoO2, 500 tons of LiMn2O4 and large quantity of LiCo0.2Ni0.8O2 per year. Meanwhile, MGL is capable of producing power batteries of 20 million Ah every year.
MGL has ever undertaken lots of key scientific and technological subjects of the Nation, the local governments as well as the ministries. With the significant researching results, MGL has ever obtained one National Sci-Tech Progress Award(II) and two Beijing Sci-Tech Awards (I). In the field of energy materials, MGL has obtained more than 30 patents from home and abroad for the manufacturing technique of LiCoO2 , LiMn2O4 and LiCo0.2Ni0.8O2 . MGL has been listed in the New and Hi-Tech Enterprises and certificated to the standards of ISO9001:2000, CE and UL. Moreover, MGL drew up national standards of LiCoO2 and industrial standards of LiMn2O4
Harmony between people and the globe is the spirit of MGL. In the future, MGL will make strenuous attempts to get leading position of new energy and new technique industry in the world, so as to become the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturer of lithium-ion secondary battery cathode materials and lithium-ion power batteries.

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