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MGL got good results in 2007 Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai
2008-06-26 08:52:09
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Novermber 17th 2007, the 9th Challenge Bibendum closed in Shanghai. In the competition, the newly developed pure electric vehicles of MGL competed intensely with automobiles from many large motor corporations and research institudes. At last , both the two racing vehicles got good results, they got four A grades on noise, exhaust and economical efficiency. The two vehicle also suceeded in the tough endurance race test.

Challege Bibendum is hosted by Michelin. The competition aims at races of sustainable developing automobiles, it is the one of the largest racing events of safe and eco-friendly vehicles. Challege Bibendum hits the headlines for its great achievements on popularizing eco-friendly techniques and acvocating clean energy automobiles.

MGL has participated in the international significant competition for three times. MGL’s vehicles ever got good results in the competitions of 2004 and 2006. These excellent results show that MGL’s techniques of high capacity lithium-ion power batteries and application have gained the lead in the world. MGL will persevere with researching and innovating, in order to make more contribution for the development of technologies and industry of electric automobiles.

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